Mary Poppins Jr. Cast List Announcement

Hello Everyone!

Below is the cast list for Mary Poppins Jr. Note that some people are playing multiple roles, so please check the entire list to make sure you know all of the roles that you are cast in. We will assign the various solos in group numbers at our Read/Sing Through rehearsal on Friday, May 4th.

Due to some scheduling issues, our FIRST rehearsal will be on Thursday, May 3rd. This rehearsal will be an initial meeting for both parents and cast. Rules and regulations, theater expectations, the gathering of cast information, rehearsal schedules, and the passing out of scripts will all be addressed at this meeting. The  meeting will begin at 6pm and should take no longer than 2 hours.  On Friday, May 4th we will have a Read/Sing Through rehearsal from 6-8:30pm. We will begin blocking the show on Saturday, May 5th (rehearsal from 12pm-4pm).

Also, I will be setting up a FB group exclusively for the cast/parents of Mary Poppins Jr. You can either find the FB page, VPCT Mary Poppins Jr, and request to join the group OR friend me (Courtney Lingnofski) and I will send you an invite.

Thank you to all who auditioned – Everyone was incredible –  Making this the hardest show I have ever had to cast!

 I am extremely excited to begin working on this show with each and every one of you!!

For any issues regarding the casting or the first rehearsal weekend, please contact director Courtney Lingnofski at or by phone/text at 614-312-2994.


Mary Poppins Cast List
Mary Poppins Delaney Moore
Bert Noah Darfus
George Banks Gabe French
Winifred Banks Allie Kuck
Jane Banks Alison Sponseller
Michael Banks Savanna Phillips
Katie Nanna Dailynn Frye
Mrs. Brill Kylee Lehman
Robertson Ay Grace McPherson
Neleus Catie Cosgray
Statue Dancers Izzy Vatter, Hannah Sheets,Emma Vatter, Abby Vatter, Joe Brown-Borden, Lizzie Huelskomp
Bank Chairman Dylan Wynkoop
Miss Smythe Emerson Purcell
Von Hussler Katelyn Wynkoop
John Noerthbrook Abby Todd
Clerks Joe Brown-Borden, Lizzie Huelskomp, Izzy Vatter, Catie Cosgray, Grace Mashensic, Hannah Sheets, Mia Lingnofski
Bird Woman Hannah Sheets
Mrs. Corry Izzy Vatter
Miss Andrews Abbie Courtright
Honeybees Danielle Kuck, Emma Vatter, Abby Vatter, Rachel Sponseller, Charlie Sponseller
Policeman Joshua Henwood
Messenger Nicholas Henwood
Chimney Sweeps Izzy Vatter, Hannah Sheets, Catie Cosgray, Emma Vatter, Abby Vatter, Joe Brown-Borden, Lizzie Huelskomp, Grace Mashensic
Chorus Members    Izzy Vatter,Hannah Sheets, Catie Cosgray, Danielle Kuck, Emma Vatter, Abby Vatter, Jaida Shamblen, Rachel Sponseller, Charlie Sponseller, Nicholas Henwood, Grace Mashensic, Joshua Henwood, Joe Brown-Borden, Laura Overby, Alexis McCoy, Brooklyn Angelo, Lizzie Huelskomp, Katelyn Wynkoop, Abby Todd, Dylan Wynkoop, Dailynn Frye, Emerson Purcell, Abbie Courtright, Mia Lingnofski